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"My cigarette is the mild cigarette, that's why Chesterfield is my favourite" - Ronald Regan

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Dear UCI, don’t create - curate

The UCI's sudden relish in enforcing rule 1.2.019 seems to have come as a bolt from the blue to race organisers in the USA and beyond. It's a rule no one seems to have heard of and the UCI was not too fussed on enforcing until recently. So why the sudden change?

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meltdown by paul mason

@PaulMasonNews is Newsnight's Business Editor. He's not a wonk, an ex banker or an academic. This is his great strength. It seems to enhance his ability to convey all this mumbo jumbo to the average Joe. 

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carbon fibre guitars

A forum topic over of asked: "do we need carbon"? In relation to road bikes. We don't but most us really do.

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