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Going through the book shelf again. Just a small gardening book that I picked up years ago for a few pence, again for the illustrations more that the prose. It's only now, after gardening for a number of years that I fully appreciate the text.

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eat your crusts

At some stage in life you're going to have to face up to the big question. Do you pander to the whims of a 5 year old and cut them off, or do you force the wee shits to 'eat their crusts'.

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e18 lens error

In a box on a shelf sits 3 cameras. An Ensign Ful Vue, a Brownie and a Canon Canonet. Combined age about 120 years, all still functioning, In another box sits 3 state of the art digital cameras, all Canon, combined age about 8 years, all broken.

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dust breeding

Man Ray's photograph has been described as one of the most enigmatic images of the 20th Century. A conundrum, a masterpiece but behind the photograph lies neglect, mathematics, a chocolate grinder and probably a game of chess.

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