carbon fibre guitars

A forum topic over of asked: "do we need carbon"? In relation to road bikes. We don't but most us really do.

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dizzy gillespie

I saw Google celebrating Dizzy Gillespie's Birthday a few weeks back. It was surprising I suppose, as he seems to have been largely forgotten. The popularisation of black american music and more importantly culture more or less starts with Dizzy Gillespie.

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off the shelf

How many books does one person need - at any one time? I reckon probably less than 50. That includes cook books, design books, novels, travel books, language books etc. I mean if I'm stuck I can have any book on my desk within 48 hours.

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dada bonds

I read somewhere that David Bowie was the cause of the credit crisis. Personally, I never forgave him for "Never Let Me Down", the banking crisis pales next to that turd.

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