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Roy Grace

This site is a tribute to the work of one of the original legends of advertising Roy Grace, as well as the many talented people he worked with.

Strategy Needs Good Words

This isn’t about storytelling in advertising. I fucking hate the lazy, self-regarding industry rhetoric about storytelling.

we are beige

We are the reinnovators of channel agnostic brand equitivity. We are an award-winning full service agency specialising in every possible discipline

JWT Planning Guide

Most people would agree that advertising, like any other job, benefits from being tackled systematically. But advertising is different from most jobs, and it requires a rather special approach to planing.

Dave Trott

Author and creative director Dave Trott hypothesizes that complexity is stupid, but simple is smart. It's a must hear talk for anyone in the business of creativity, especially advertising.


What are the universal structural elements of all stories? 1) Hook. 2) Build. 3) Payoff. If you haven’t got 1), 2) and 3) you’ve got nothing.

The Streisand Effect

But not everyone was impressed. Barbra Streisand heard one of the pictures was of her beachfront home in Malibu. So she sued them for $50m, for invasion of privacy.

Design Systems

Lessons learned — first 3 years building a design system - Things we learned when we built the City of Gothenburg’s design system and component framework

Shopify style guide

Writing for a grade 7 reading level doesn’t mean dumbing content down. It’s about making sure language is straightforward and communicates concepts as efficiently as possible.

the art of persuasive writing

A good definition of copywriting is any form of writing designed to persuade you to do something (usually involving parting with money). The most common advice is to keep it brief, remember your target audience and have a clear 'ask'