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corita kent

When you think of Pop Art you think Warhol, The Factory, The “Velvets” and Celebrity. The Immaculate Heart Community and a bunch of nuns… get sort of overlooked. You might argue with the message but the execution is peerless. View the slideshow & buy the book!

gene cable

Both his Heavy Metal Madness and Scanning Around series have been brilliant, humorous forays into the history of graphic design, typrography, photography and 20th Century culture.

anymore ply?

Plywood, a moisture-proof, marine-grade, very low formaldehyde-content pine, certified by the European sustainable forest practices agreement, becomes a strong, almost abnormal complement…

flip & tumble

I got one of these for my wife… she loves it. Not just because it's a handy bag but because it doubles as some sort of stress ball. She can also throw it at me when she looses the plot!

golden section

How to draw a 'golden section' using adobe illustrator, or any other piece of software I suppose.

saul bass

Great to see Brendan Dawes' tribute to Saul Bass back online after years away. Dig around and get the 'Hitchcock' font, made from Bass's own hand.

polish posters

Polish posters designed since 1940 (with the exception of some posters by Czech and Cuban designers as well as US born, Saul Bass)

blue note covers

What happens when blue note… meets Francis Wolff… meets Reid Miles…

otl aicher & munich 1972

Otl Aicher, also know as Otto Aicher was born 13th May 1922 in Ulm, Germany. Renowned for his structural visual systems and typography.

classic citroen

Some remarkable layouts from the 50s, 60's and 70s from the iconic Citroen Car company, france.

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