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Zoo Visitor

"Zoo Visitor gives you total control over your site members, allowing you to use any fieldtype to define their profile. The days of struggling with member registration, profile updates are over! It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo.

Mamp + EE locally

Develop locall with MAMP and EE.


Structure is a powerful add-on that lets you create pages, generate navigation, manage content through a simple interface and build robust sites faster than ever.

pop up email in ee

I recently had a reader ask about the pop-up contact forms and lightbox scripts we’ve used on some of our client sites - were they built into ExpressionEngine and how did we get them to work?

ee simple registration

Create simple registration forms anywhere in expression engine templates.

MAMP to Server EE2.0

A bit more cumbersome than with ee 1.6. Watch passwords in database.php file and permissions on the index.php file.

mamp to server

Moving a site from development stages using MAMP to a live server is fairly straight forward, watch out for the permissions and resetting Weblog & Upload path preferences.


Tutorials, hacks, reviews, and more. Devot:ee has some of the best, most informative original content devoted to ExpressionEngine users and developers.

solspace ee plugins

ExpressionEngine modules continue to grow in complexity and functionality, we are seeing more and more third party developers writing Add-Ons that extend Solspace’s own code.

ee file manager

This free ExpressionEngine module provides a file manager for your control panel. Once installed, you can…