Garden bench made of wood pallets

Wooden bench made of wooden pallets - An innovative project from the design studio r1

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fibre glass chair

The process behind the ubiquitous fibre glass chair. Demonstrated by the inventor using the original equipment

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KARTON is about keeping things easy and proof that handsome European design doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s available exclusively online, so there’s no middle-man. JOIN THE FOLD and see for yourself.

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hundreds tens units

Simple, beautiful, useful products; suitable for all ordinary purposes. We are in the process of realising our first product range

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styling and salvage

Styling and Salvage: Recording the projects and interests of Rupert Blanchard. London, UK. “An art director specialising in conceptual salvage and interiors”.

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anymore ply?

Plywood, a moisture-proof, marine-grade, very low formaldehyde-content pine, certified by the European sustainable forest practices agreement, becomes a strong, almost abnormal complement…

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in a nutshell

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