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The Knight Foundation

KNIGHT FOUNDATION supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged.

Plan Z Miami

At the intersection of architecture and public health is Plan Z for Miami, a not-for-profit organization founded with the purpose of restoring safety and vitality to South Florida


We are facing the decimation of entire small town economies, a disruption the likes of which we haven’t seen since the construction of the interstate highway system itself bypassed entire towns.

Mais wee, monsieur

The Uritrottoir, a large box with an opening at the front topped with an attractive floral display, has the added bonus of making public peeing not just more civilised, but eco-friendly.

Vctoria Transport Policy institute

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems.

The Law of Traffic Congestion

…building more lanes to address congestion is like loosening your belt to address obesity.

Donald Shoup

Donald Shoup is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at UCLA.

Planning the Cycling City

Students learn a host of essential skills that support meaningful understanding, developing and fostering of cycling cities.

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