Cullens Butchers

I did a book over 10 years ago with a friend. We noticed that shops had disappeared over the precious few years and no one had ever recorded it.

Mick Cullen

Since then a lot of the shops have closed and a lot of the people pictured have passed away.
Cullen's Butchers shop opened in 1892 in Dungannon. This is Mick Cullen in the picture pictured in 2008, aged around 82. He also happened to be my mother's uncle. He died on the 9th March 2019, aged 92.
I called into the wake house last night. The house was packed. We shook hands with the family and went down to the room he was laid out in. This picture was hung over the open coffin. I can't say I expected to see it there but I was glad to see it.

Wout Van Aert