she loves me not

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Occasionally you see an idea executed so perfectly that it's almost shocking how easy it looks. It's usually by some high-end advertising agency with a budget of millions.

The initial feeling of surprise and admiration is quickly followed by the voice in my head saying… "Why couldn't I think of that", followed by a few minutes of deep depression.

It's always a reminder, the more simple the execution the bigger the impact. A bit like the Saatchi advert picturing a man with a cushion pushed up his jumper. Without the caption it's fairly unremarkable. The caption just takes somewhere completely different.

I didn't create this ironic, iconic valentines card. I didn't sweat over a brief into the small hours. No photoshop was used, no design degree and no hint of irony. It's not a satirical look at how love has become commercialised.

My 5 year old came home and handed me this and gave me a big kiss. She made it with card, prit and scissors. I looked at the card, laughed out loud and then thought to myself, "Why couldn't I think of that", that was 2 hours ago and I'm still depressed.