Vctoria Transport Policy institute

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems.

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The Law of Traffic Congestion

…building more lanes to address congestion is like loosening your belt to address obesity.

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Donald Shoup

Donald Shoup is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Urban Planning at UCLA.

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Planning the Cycling City

Students learn a host of essential skills that support meaningful understanding, developing and fostering of cycling cities.

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newvelle records

We are building an association of likeminded music lovers, interested in acquiring new music available solely on vinyl. We will be offering memberships to receive a new pressing bimonthly of some of the finest artists in the world and we are offering it in a format that is completely exclusive.

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Bootstrap Lightbox

A simple lightbox plugin based on the bootstrap modal plugin

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Rocket science in 1000 words

Rocket science explained using nothing but the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language.

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Zoo Visitor

“Zoo Visitor gives you total control over your site members, allowing you to use any fieldtype to define their profile. The days of struggling with member registration, profile updates are over! It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo.

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Articles by Gene Cable

For years I read Heavy Metal Madness and Scanning Around by Gene Cable. All together on Creative Pro.

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Road to the West, A Road to the Past - Volume 2

This publication highlights the archaeological features uncovered on the A4 and A5 road improvements scheme from Dungannon to Ballygawley in County Tyrone.

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