it’s christmas!!!!!!!

My earliest christmas memory is Top of the Pops. In particular Slade. To be specific, Dave Hill's fringe, or lack of fringe. For a 4 year old it was a horror show. He scared the life out of me. I watched from behind the sofa.

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dancin’ shoes

When I quit regular 9-5 work about 18 months ago, I thought I'd set up a blog, document life as one of those new breed of dads. I'd take photographs and write about the kids as they grew up. Yeah… right!

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through the viewfinder tutorial

Recently someone commented on this photo over at Flickr. "You've achieved here through a dirty window pane what others emulate in PS! Well seen and captured 'au naturale' !" It's no good, I've got to come clean.

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mc kee’s bar

…Lower Scotch Street. Family owned and run. They live above the bar. No bouncers. No juke box. No alcopops. No sessions. No food. No promotions. No swearing. No feckin' nonsense!

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