berliner mauer 1961-1989


Just watched Matt Frei's first in a 3 parter on Berlin over on BBC4. I suppose it's about 8 years since I was last there. It's the most fascinating place.

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she loves me not

Occasionally you see an idea executed so perfectly that it's almost shocking how easy it looks. It's usually by some high-end advertising agency with a budget of millions.

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prison security polaroid

This fell out of an old book I was thumbing through. It just struck me how much has changed in the past 14 years since it was taken. Not least me with a head of hair!

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it’s christmas!!!!!!!

My earliest christmas memory is Top of the Pops. In particular Slade. To be specific, Dave Hill's fringe, or lack of fringe. For a 4 year old it was a horror show. He scared the life out of me. I watched from behind the sofa.

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