manhattan tours

In 2000 the idea came while sitting outside my tent in Ma├žon, north of Lyon. i was reading David Toop's Ocean of Sound. It was late evening and very warn, suddenly, crickets began that scratching, clicking sound. The noise alone seemed to raise the temperature by about 5℃.

type ribbon cycle tops

I knew a while back that I'd be doing some cycle tops in 2012. Having never done anything like this before I thought it would be a good idea to try adapting some existing brands onto cycle tops as a bit of a crash course.

edendork ps

The one place where technology should be at the cutting edge, in schools, is currently lagging years behind, somewhere around 2006.

lap the lough

This was a redesign and re-brand for Lap the Lough, a large cycle event in Ireland. The "sportive" market has become pretty crowded in the past 3-4 years. This was to give the event some "stand out" and a base to build on for the next 3-5 years.

liberty blue

For almost 20 years Liberty Blue has been supplying their customers with completely exclusive fashion. Risk-taking with a real sense of humour and originality.


The first proper 'cycling guide' to Northern Ireland was published last year. I've always cycled. Even when it was deeply unfashionable. I couldn't drive until I was in my mid 20s. I never really found the need for a car in a city.

portavo II

portavo thumb

An interesteing job I did a few years ago for a small 'boutique' imprint. Books are always interesting by their very nature but this also involved a bit of detective work with a ruler an old Linotype Catalogue.

ballysaggart group

A small environmental group based in Dungannon needed a website to raise the profile of their work on the Ballysaggart (Black) Lough. They had no identity whatsoever and a very small budget.

business as usual

business as usual

This started off as a conversation about buying a length of cloth from Speers' drapery in Dungannon. It transpired the shop had closed without anyone really noticing. An outdoor exhibition, indoor exhibition and a book followed.

in a nutshell

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